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Character Number Replacement Meme

Tagged by: :iconcelticwarriormoon:

1) Pick 6 characters in any order
2) Don't change the questions
3) Please don't look at the questions while picking characters, it's more fun if you don't! 
4) Tag 2-5 people to do the meme (if you want)
5) Have fun! 
1.Elsa (Frozen)

2. Fix-it Felix Jr. (Wreck-it Ralph)

3. Lucy Gru (Despicable Me 2)

4. Anna (Frozen)

5. Tamora (Wreck-it Ralph)

6. Gru (Despicable Me 2)


1. Okay so first, introduce each other! [1] introduce [6], [2] introduce [5], [3] introduce [4] and vice versa. 

Elsa: May I introduce the now ex-villain Gru! (looks at Gru) Elsa: WOH! Gru: Vhat? Elsa: Nothing (Hides behind Anna who is laughing)

Felix: May I present the most lovely dynamite gal, I've ever laid eyes on...My beautiful wife Tamora! (Stares at Tamora and blushes)

Lucy: Queens, Gru, and pixels may I introduce you to Princess Anna of Arendelle! (Bows towards Anna) Anna: Wait so my last name is of Arendelle?

Gru: Ladies, and lettle maintenance man, I preesent to you Elsa ze Queen of Arendelle! (Bows in front of Elsa) Anna: So her last name is of Arendelle too!?

Tamora: Soldiers, I present to you the one and only Fix-it Felix Jr.!!! (Steals Felix's hat and puts it on) Tamora: The love of my life (Looks down at Felix, and smiles)

Anna: Oh my turn, I present to you Agent Lucy Gru of the Anti-Villain league! (Motions towards Lucy who waves) Lucy: Hey everyone!

2. [4] What is [2]'s lover/crush and what do you think of him/her? If [2] doesn't have one, who do you think fits best with [2]?

Anna: Well if they didn't just introduce each other I wouldn't have known. But Tamora is Felix's lover, I don't know her but she seems nice I guess.


3. [6] has to pretend to be [1]'s boyfriend/girlfriend because [1]'s parents want someone to go out with [1]. [6] is not amused with [1]s offer but does so anyway. How does it go?

Elsa: Ummmm my parents are dead, soooo I'm good
Gru: Thank God
Elsa: What wouldn't want to pretend to date a snow queen?
Gru: No ets just dat I'm already married, et vould just have just been weird
Elsa: Good point (backs away from Gru slowly, then hides behind Anna...Again)
Anna: Sorry she's not used to being around other people, well neither am I but I'm getting used to it

4.  Curiosity got to [3] and he/she went inside a haunted mansion. [5] is the owner and [3] finds out! Do they fight, run away? What happens?

(Sees ghost) Lucy: I'M GETTING OUT OF HERE!!

Tamora: Ok bye (Hears a sound behind her, she quickly pulls out her gun) Tamora: Ok where are these Cy-bugs


5. Oh no! [2] is in terrible danger and no one will help him/her! Though [2] believes someone will help him/her, who is it and how long will it take for [2] to realize? 

Felix: OH MY LAND!!! (Runs from cy-bugs) (Thinking:Tammy will save me!)


6. Everyone falls in love with [6], and [6] was pretending to be with [1]? When does [6] first find out and how does he/she fix the problem? Does [6] kiss someone or ignores it? How does it go?

Gru: Vait Vhat? I vas never even pretending to be vith vone, so vhat es de dealio? (Takes Lucy and kisses her) Gru: I love her, she es my wife (Looks at Lucy and smiles)

7. Burning house! Everyone must chose someone from each other, Save, Kill, Marry, Kiss and Sleep with? Who do each of them chose, and they must be from this meme.

Elsa saves Anna

Felix kisses Tamora

Lucy sleeps with Gru (Its fine they're married)

Anna kisses Felix (Which makes Tamora ready to beat her up)

Tamora sleeps with Felix (Also married)

Gru saves Lucy, then kisses her

8. What did [5] think of his/her choices? Is anyone disappointed in [5] for what he/she chose?

Tamora: I thought kill was stupid so that went into the garbage, and decided sleep with Felix. Heh He's my husband so why should I care, I sleep next to him every night for Kohut's sake!


9. Who is most precious to [3]?

Lucy: Gru my big teddy bear!
Gru: I thought I said not to call me dat
Lucy: Come on honey, its adorable!!

10.  [1] bought two tickets to the movies for [6] and himself/herself. How does [6] react? Does [6] accept? Why or why not?
Gru: No I'm good, I don't vant to go, besides I already have five tickets for de movies. For Lucy, Margo, Edith, Agnes, and Me
Elsa: Cool I didn't want to go with you anyway, I'll just go with my sister
11. [2] is jealous that [6] is "going out" with [1]. Yet [6] and [1] are pretending! [2] decides to tell [4], what is [4]'s advice?

Elsa: WE ARE NOT PRETENDING!!!! OR EVEN DATING....AT ALL!!! HE'S MARRIED, AND HE SCARES ME!!!(It starts snowing, because she is scared, and because she has snow powers)

Felix: I'm not jealous I got my dynamite gal

Anna: Besides Elsa doesn't want to be in a relationship right now

 12. Where is [3]'s favorite place? In the park, cafe at a football field? Maybe even a bed? Tell us!

Lucy: My favorite place is bed actually, when I wake up to go to work I don't want to leave. And having Gru next to me, makes it my favorite place even more!


13. [2] gives [6] a massage, how does [6] react?

Felix: You look like you need a massage

Gru: Um ok

14. [5] turns out to be a royalty! [5] tells [3] he/she wants to rule with him/her. Does [3] accept, or just think [5] is crazy?

Tamora: I'm royalty, when did that happen!?
Lucy: No I'm good, I got my family. Are you a princess?
Tamora: I guess I am

15. There is a sale on lingerie, [1] see's it and goes to buy it. Is it for [1]? Or a special person?

Elsa would buy it for herself
16. [6] See's [1] at the lingerie store, how does [6] react? Does he/she care?
Gru doesn't care
17. All six characters are forced to live together, yet, there are three bedrooms, two rooms have one double bed (4 characters). Another room has two single beds (2 characters). Who sleeps with who? How do they resolve it?

Felix and Tamora sleep in one double bed (Duh)
Gru and Lucy sleep in the other double bed (Duh again)
Elsa and Anna sleep in they're own single bed
18. Everyone is asleep except [5], what does he/she do? Go out and eat food in the fridge, play games or do karaoke? What happens?
Tamora goes to the fridge eats, then goes to Hero's Duty to shoot some Cy-bugs
19. [4] Is depressed about something, what does [2] do to cheer him/her up?

Felix: Anna its ok, I'm sure it was just an accident. I'll bake you a pie, then we can hash out our feelings together.
Anna: Okay (Eats pie)
20. The meme is over! Are they relieved or wanting more? Did you enjoy it? Don't forget to tag (if you are tagging)
Elsa: Yay its over, I had enough of them saying me and that bald man were pretending to date!
Felix: Aw that's it, I wish it was longer!
Lucy: Wow that went by fast, it was like I just blinked and it was over!
Anna: Well that was fun we should do this again some time!
Tamora: Huh, its over. I must have fallen asleep!
Gru: Finally ets over, I felt like et vas going on forever!
And now I tag...
I'm too lazy to tag anyone, so you can do it if you want. Its a lot of fun! I recommend it!!! :D
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